Saturday, February 18, 2006

the man who sold the world

We passed upon the stair We spoke of was and when Although I wasn't there He said I was his friend Which came as a surpriseI spoke into his eyes I thought you died alone A long long time ago
Oh no, not me We never lost control You're face to face With The Man Who Sold The World
I laughed and shook his hand And made my way back homeI searched for form and land (Alt: I searched for foreign land) For years and years I roamed I gazed a gazeless stare At all the millions here (Alt 1: We walked a million years)(Alt 2: With multimillionaires)(Alt 3: We walked a million hills)I must have died alone (Alt: I must have died along)A long, long time ago(x2)Who knows? Not me We never lost control You're face to face With the Man who Sold the World


thepussyinboots said...

mi no entender nada... el diseƱo deja mucho q desear , nadie va a querer leer tu blog... no obstante la cancion es buenisima, consiguete la foto d bowie pe

lamalditapoesia said...

osheeeeeee wena eleccion, pero arregla tu blog k de a pocos se entiende. cuidaos y saludossssssss